"We at Candles by H have great confidence in introducing ourselves,

our product and how we can be of service to you.

You can rely on our promise of quality and service on time."

-Hanlie van Vuuren-

Our Story...

About us

Candles by H is a small and 100% woman owned enterprise where we have a passion for candles.  Each candle is individually handcrafted with care giving it a personal touch and distinguishing it from other mass produced candles.

Candles by H is renowned for the manufacturing of high quality, elegant white candles with the option of unscented or fragranced.  We only use top quality German wax in the manufacturing of our candles.

A wide range of candles are available, all in a sterile, matt white finish.

Candles by H is the proud supplier of quality candles to some prominent establishments in the Western Cape and Boland.


Our Products

Our unscented candles from the range can be used whenever there is a wedding, function or special event hosted at your venue or to merely light a couple of candles for the sake of creating an atmosphere of intimacy and old world’s charm.  The stylish finish, yet simplicity of our candles will compliment any display and blend in with any decor or theme.

In the same range Candles by H also offers citronella fragranced candles which serve as an insect repellent making it particularly useful and effective in areas known for mosquitoes or during those seasonal periods when mosquitoes and house flies are more active.  For this reason it can also be utilized effectively in the kitchen or in areas where food is on display and/or being served.

 It is further a known fact that a burning candle creates a relaxing atmosphere making people feel at home.  By adding a relaxing fragrance to our candles it enhances this feeling of well-being even more.  Guests and stressed out visitors will welcome this something extra special, making it particularly useful in the hospitality trade where it can even be placed in guests’ rooms or serve as complimentary gifts.

Add a little romance with candles on dinner tables or just add to your already charming and elegant atmosphere by having candles burning and/or on display throughout your venue, dining room, lounge, entrance hall or any prominent focus area.

It may even be useful in case of power failures which may occur more frequently due to a greater demand for electricity, especially in instances where there is no back-up power supply.


Our Experience

With years of experience in the manufacturing of candles and having an understanding for clients’ needs and budgets, Candles by H has assisted many clients in selecting the perfect candle for that very special event and satisfying each client’s unique requests and needs.


Our Clients Include:

  • Function Venues
  • Guest Houses, B & B’s and Hotels
  • Wine Estates
  • Restaurants
  • Wedding- and Event Planners
  • Brides-to-be
  • Caterers
  • Churches
  • Spa’s, Beauty Salons and Health Resorts
  • Gift Shops
  • Film Industry
  • Individuals


Should you require more information on our range of candles or on how we can meet your unique and special needs, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you. 

 We look forward to be of service to you and to have you as one of our valued clients...

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