Our Products

A wide range of candles are available, all in a sterile, white finish.

The stylish finish, yet simplicity of our candles make it a favourite at weddings, functions and special events or to merely light a couple of candles for the sake of creating an atmosphere of intimacy and old world’s charm in your home.

Our elegant candles are the perfect finishing touch to any home or venue’s interior and decor and will compliment any display and blend in with any decor or theme. In a quiet way it says that the person living there cares about their space, who they share it with and who they invite into it.

Add a little romance with our candles on your dinner table, create an atmosphere of being at home and enhance a feeling of well-being by adding a relaxing fragrance to any of our candles or just add to your already charming and elegant interior by placing candles burning or on display throughout your venue, in your lounge, dining room or to enhance any prominent focus area in your home or in your establishment.